Millionaires Think Differently

Millionaires definitely think differently.  They are also goal setters.  They know where they want to be – when they want to be there – and how they will get there. They usually say they are “frugal” – some just use the word “tightwad.”  They do not borrow heavily – “if you are credit dependent you are controlled by someone else.”  Most have their own planning process that they have developed over the years or learned from a mentor.  I learned goal setting from my Strategic Coach Dan Sullivan many years ago – he called it the R-Factor question or the relationship factor.  Sullivan poses this question…

If we were sitting here 3 years from today and looking back over the last 3 years – what needs to have happened for you to be satisfied with your progress in life?  Economically, Educationally, Career, Geographically, Spiritually and any other areas of your life you feel important.  Be as specific as you can.   What are the 12 stepping stones to reach these goals?  These 3 years have 12 ninety day work segments.


We will talk about it more at Aware e/I the evening of July 13, 2017 at the Aurora Country Club.  Mark your calendars.