Millionaire Next Door: Social Skills and Reaction to Critics

Our Aware e/I “get together” and our night at the Kane County Cougars were well attended.  It was two great evenings of Education and Fun and getting to know each other.  I am always amazed how our clients and friends bond with one another and become friends –  they look out for one another.  As we have always said, the “Millionaire Next Door” cares for others.  According to Dr. Thomas J. Stanley, the number one social skill of the “Millionaire Next Door” is getting along with people. Let’s take a look at some other factors that explain economic success. . .

Successful people get along with others, have strong leadership qualities, can sell a product or idea, and have learned from good mentors and can inspire others to follow them. They don’t do this by telling you who they are, or what they do, or how they do it.  Successful people know why they do what they do. They have a passion for what they do.

I would suggest you read Start With Why” by Simon Sinek.  He discusses the beginning of personal computers and Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement and Dr. Martin Luther King, and the beginning of flying and the Wright Brothers. Sinek says each of these movers and shakers became innovators because they began with their “why.”  Dr. King said, “I have a dream” not “I have a plan.”

Successful people also surround themselves with smart people.  Steve Wozniak once said, “wherever smart people work, doors are unlocked.”  Successful people have the ability to unlock the door of collaboration and build success by bringing great minds together.

Another great book to read is Midnight Lunch” by Sarah Miller Caldicott.  She writes, “Thomas Edison brought the greatest minds together in their own areas.”  Each in their own niche.  They all worked day and night because they had a passion to solve an issue.  Edison brought them lunch at midnight and as they ate, they talked – they collaborated – they created.

Successful people have a competitive spirit and ignore criticism.  Take a trip to the Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Illinois.  Here is the greatest President in the history of the United States – and he endured a tremendous amount of criticism to become President.

There are many areas of “Quality of Life.”  Physical, mental, spiritual, emotional to name a few. The Meyer Wealth Team feel maximizing your wealth potential allows you to maximize those qualities of life.  Let’s put our heads together and figure out what that means for you.

Take maximum advantage – don’t leave anything on the table.