Millionaire Next Door: Integrity and creative intelligence

In addition to social skills, most successful people have high integrity and moral values.  Being honest with all people rated high in Dr. Stanley’s survey of Millionaires.  Most said they learned this trait from their parents.  Honesty can be hard to understand in today’s economy when our Government – and even our Churches – do not have a high respect, according to recent Gallup polls.  Successful people become successful because others are attracted to work with them because they trust them.

I believe the majority of people in our business are honest and have high integrity.  Unfortunately,  you only hear about those who steal money. Regulators spend their time weeding out and creating compliance platforms to protect people from those with low integrity.  These compliance platforms are necessary, but take a lot of time and create large costs for anyone doing a proper job. 

These costs create an environment where Advisors aren’t always able to afford to take care of the smaller accounts.  But I will always spend time with someone, no matter the size of the account, who sincerely wants help to get on the right path.  I will not spend that time with someone who just wants a "quick fix" – a “just do it for me” person.

 Along with trust and integrity goes creative intelligence.  This goes very close to “unique ability.”  Successful people usually have made one very important decision in their life – they are in the correct vocation.  It is something they have a passion for and they can easily explain “why” they do it.  The “what” and “how” just come naturally.

I was listening to a band concert recently.  As they warmed up, they sounded all over the place.  When the conductor raised his hand - all fell into place.  Craig was working with a couple recently in the conference room – papers all over the place.  Stress was evident on their faces.  It only took Craig a few minutes to organize the papers and create and present a well-thought-out plan for their future – it is his creative intelligence.  Some people can just see things differently.

Dr.  Stanley writes, “Even analytically intelligent people often select vocations that are filled with competitors and discover that they don’t love their careers – even if they are geniuses, it’s hard to win a competitive battle if your heart and emotions are not completely dedicated to victory.”

The chicken and the pig were walking down the street and passed a diner with a sign – "Bacon and eggs $2.00."  The pig said to the chicken, “For you that is a day’s work – for me that is a lifetime commitment.”