Create Goals Outside Your Comfort Zone

Goals come in some basic categories:

     House – Your first one, a bigger one, a vacation one, numerous ones?

     Education – Pay student loans, pay for children, grandchildren, going back to school?

     Business – Start one now, start one after a great career?

     Career Change – "That does not support our lifestyle."

     Travel – Now and/or later?

     Legacy – How will you be remembered?

Many of the goals I hear are calm, mundane, and yes, somewhat boring.  This is because people keep their "comfort zone" in the "safety zone." I recommend the book "The Icarus Deception" by Seth Godin. Icarus was warned not to fly too close to the sun for fear that his wax wings would melt, but the part we don’t hear about is that he was also warned not to fly too close to the sea.  So many of us are so fearful of flying too high and sticking out that we fly way too low – like I said, boring and safe.

We have to keep moving the "comfort zone" further and further away from the "safety zone." This will turn goals into DREAMS. Take the basic categories above and think about what’s outside of your safety zone. Now fly a little higher.

That is not to say that things will just be given to you, or that this process will be easy. This will take work.  It requires a plan that involves time, sacrifice and nerves.

Your trusted Wealth Advisor will help you frame the entire process.  They will create an end to end, well-thought-out roadmap. I was told of a couple who recently gave a large amount of money to create a community organization. Unfortunately, not enough thought went into the cost of running the organization.  They bought a Porsche and couldn’t put gas in to run it. Do it correctly.

Next month let’s talk about the "unforeseen."

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