12 Silos of Wealth: What Makes You Unique?

So far, we have looked at eight silos of wealth that establish who we are and how we interact with society. Take some time to review them before looking at the last 4 areas of wealth. These last four silos I can only define as your "unique ability." What do you bring to the table that only YOU can bring? 

They are

9. Passion Wealth

10. Intelligence Wealth

11. Friendship Wealth 

12. Humor Wealth

 Let’s begin.

9. Passion Wealth: The best way to describe wealth of Passion is by understanding the difference between a “job" and a "career." The chicken and the pig walk through town and see a sign that reads “Bacon and Eggs - $2.00.” The pig says to the chicken “For you it is just a day’s work. For me it is a career.” I must go back to my high school math teacher. When he taught class, he would get so into the lesson he would sweat through his shirt. In just about any career the difference is the passion. I remember calling one of our pension advisors during lunch. She was eating at her desk, reading about pension regulations. When you have a passion for something, you can easily explain “why” you do it. The “what” and “how” just come naturally. 

10. Intellectual Wealth:  Just like there are different types of wealth, there are different types of intelligence. Now, there are a lot of people who are very “book”-smart. One of my friends is very bright. In college he spent his free time reading scholarly journals. But when it was his turn to wash dishes, he thought it made sense to use regular dish soap in the dishwasher. Imagine his surprise when he walked into the kitchen an hour later and found it covered in bubbles. Truly intelligent people can interpret what the books say not only to real life, but to their life. Maybe you don’t know everything, but just like your Passion there’s a certain subject that you just get. In school, they told you to work on your “weaknesses.” Why? That would leave you with a few slightly improved weaknesses. Work on your strengths. Be like a postage stamp – stick to one thing until the job gets done.

11. Friendship Wealth: By friendship wealth, I don’t mean the number of Facebook friends you have, but your friends in “real life.” These are people whose company you enjoy and who give you joy and support. I know a lady at our Church who talks to everyone that comes through the front door. After talking to her for a few moments she becomes your best friend – this is a real talent, and it’s a combination of all the silos. Someone once said “If your world falls apart at 2am, who’s the first person you call? Who will show up at your door step when you need them?” That is a true friend. Friendships are give-and-take, so how much do you give? Are you a good listener? Do you have compassion?

12. Humor Wealth: This one often gets over-looked but it really ties all the silos together, it is the mayonnaise on your sandwich. I had a business law professor in college who always added humor to his lectures. It made them memorable and helped me succeed in his class. Good humor is infectious and it attracts good friends. This may even be your unique ability – making people laugh or always looking on the bright side. The expression “laughter is the best medicine” exists for a reason. A person with a good sense of humor can think on their toes – they are flexible and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Notice that only one of the silos pays the bills.  The other 11, however, bring value to every interaction we have with others, and may even increase our ability to develop our Financial Wealth. I strive for a healthy balance of all the silos. Are you “rich” in one area but “poor” in another? Just remember our discussion on Intellectual Wealth.

We each have our strength or passion. Instead of actively trying to balance all of your silos, focus on the silo that brings you happiness and fulfillment. Everything else will fall into place – that is how you achieve balance. Trying to balance 12 silos at once can be a challenge.  It can be like assembling a jigsaw puzzle – sometimes that one piece you need is lost in a couch cushion.  

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