What's your number?

By now you have taken the MoneyMind® exercise and have a good handle on your dominate MoneyMind® profile. You have had an open discussion about your profile and how they affect your thought process when making money decisions.

You have spent the time needed in Honest Conversations, and have identified the top goals that you want to accomplish in your  life. You have identified what needs to happen in the next 12 months for you to be pleased with your progress in accomplishing your goals.

Now you have to tie the monetary needs of these goals to the resources you have and will develop.  If one of your goals is to take a nice vacation each year – what does that look like?  This is your definition.  Is it a European trip, a trip to Disney World, or a trip to see the grandchildren? Next, let’s stress test your “bag of wealth.” Taking it through 1000 possibilities of how the market could impact its growth.

How did you do?  Did you score a 60% probability of success? Or a 90% probability of success?  Maybe some “tradeoffs“ are needed to increase the probability of success.  Maybe we need to develop some goals because you are going to die on a mattress full of money.  Either way, you are developing the confidence in your plan. 

You have worked hard for your “bag of wealth” – now let’s make it work hard for you. We Specialize in You.