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How Your Retirement Account Impacts The Environment Thumbnail

How Your Retirement Account Impacts The Environment

Socially Responsible Investing Retirement Planning

If you’ve ever taken time to dissect your retirement accounts, you’ve probably seen your money is invested in a number of different sources, some you may have never even heard of before. 

That’s because so many retirement accounts only give you “all or nothing” investment options. Meaning your money could potentially go towards companies that profit from endangering our planet. 

If the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is to be believed, the time to act on climate change was years ago. That doesn’t mean it’s too late now to make an effort, and every little action can make an impact – including how your retirement accounts are invested. 

By creating a customized SRI – socially responsible investment – portfolio, you can make sure your money doesn’t help fund companies that generate products known to pollute the atmosphere. Conversely, you can also create a portfolio that invests in companies specializing in green or clean energy. 

How can I create a “green” SRI portfolio?

Depending on your goals and values, you have different options available for creating the best socially responsible portfolio for you. 

We can help by creating filters to exclude companies who profit from the production of fossil fuel, such as gas and oil companies or coal manufacturers. We can also add green bonds to portfolios, which helps in the development of renewable energy sources or other projects that positively impact the environment. 

How do I take advantage of SRI? 

With the rise in popularity of socially conscious investments, SRI-ESG ETFs and mutual funds are much more accessible, but building an investment portfolio on your own can be daunting.

At Meyer Wealth Advisors we specialize in creating customized financial plans – that includes creating an SRI portfolio that’s tailored to your values. Schedule a call below or email us at eren@meyerwealth.com to learn how we can create your customized SRI portfolio. 

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