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What Are Sin Stocks and Are You Invested In Them? Thumbnail

What Are Sin Stocks and Are You Invested In Them?

Socially Responsible Investing

Do you know how many stocks you own? Or the name of every single company you’re invested in? The average investor likely doesn’t know exactly which companies they’re invested in. And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, what if you found out that your money was going to a business you morally oppose? That’s how some investors feel about “Sin Stocks” – companies that produce or profit from the manufacture of alcohol, tobacco, adult entertainment, gambling, weapons, etc. 

Some investors prefer to not give their money to these companies, but don’t know how to invest in a way that’s more aligned with their own values. That’s where ESG comes into play. ESG investing, meaning Environmental, Social, and Governance, allows you to create an investment portfolio with specific purposes in mind.

  • Don’t want to invest in fossil fuels? 
  • Don’t want to invest in companies known to treat their employees poorly?
  • Would you rather invest in companies that promote values similar to your own?
ESG investments let you do that. This means investors don’t have to settle for an un-personalized portfolio that doesn’t adhere to their values.

How can I customize my investments?

With the rise in popularity of socially conscious investments, SRI and ESG ETFs and mutual funds are much more accessible, but building any investment portfolio can be daunting.

At Meyer Wealth Advisors we specialize in creating customized financial plans – that includes creating an ESG portfolio that’s tailored to your values. Schedule a call below or email us at eren@meyerwealth.com to learn how we can create your customized ESG portfolio. 

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